Watch Ur Back

Watch ur back Miss Nancy Kerrigan

Sweetheart American princess in pearly whites

Have you tried a triple axel 

While in your castle getting bronzed beautified?

You think you got it; you don’t ‘cause I’m gonna deck the stack


Watch ur back Miss Tonya Harding

You may be smarting while landing on your feet

Take a leap, you aim to dazzle 

You’ll miss your axel the moment you feel the heat

They’ll never know you, ‘cause I’m gonna show you a true class act

So you better watch ur back


Yeah you better watch ur . . . back!

Woah – ‘cause I’m gonna take your curly ass down a peg

Woah –  ‘cause I’m gonna make your trailer trash plead and beg

This isn’t a roll of the dice and nobody will play nice

The competition’s on ice and I like it on the rocks


Rocks and stones can shatter a limb if you let them 

But don’t let them ruin your life

Ruin my life ain’t nothing, came from nothing

Nowhere to go but up, nothing to show but my heart

I’m gonna show you the art of gold

A champion

Knows where she wants to go and how just how to get there

So watch ur back

No watch ur back

You’re in my way 

Get away split or I’ll make you pay

I’m the one who’s got it, you don’t 

So you better watch your back

Yeah you better watch ur back

No you better watch ur back


Woah – you’ll never medal, you’ve got no chance with me

Woah – I’m gonna mettle in your lame fantasy

There ain’t enough room on the ice

Ain’t enough room here

For anybody to play nice

The competition’s arrived 

And you better watch ur back

Yeah you better watch ur back

And when your back’s against the wall

You have to jump the gap or fall

Fall flat the wall don’t got your back

And when you’re falling ice ain’t all that 



You take it all upon yourself

You pray for luck and guts and health

You nail the jump with perfect grace  

And punch your demons in the face

The time is 

Now you make it count 





Other out 


For all the ways you have to prove you’ll win it all 

You push for days then trip and fall

But hope to rise again


You sink so low it’s tough to see the light it seems

Awoken from a fitful dream

You live to fight again


And all the time

You hope it’s fine

But teeter on the borderline 

You scrape and climb

You know you’ll find the end


Don’t let them win

You’ve only been

Pushed until your soul gave in

Another’s skin

Is what you’re living in


For all the ways you try to prove you’ll win the day

Sometimes the best things slip away

You fight another day