Trailer Park

I was a rocker, I grew up tough inside a trailer park

Without a father; no fancy stuff inside a trailer park

Nasty little rocker; jumping off trucks and bouncing off the walls 

The girls would mock her but I’d kick their butts and grow to show them all what is up  


And it happened in a trailer park

I had to shine a little light in the dark

To play my one card right on the mark  

Disembark out of this trailer park


In competition I’d jump twice as high and make the record books

Wasn’t their vision; a girl who can fly should have a classic look

Without permission I rose to the top in all of figure skatin’

All the derision couldn't stop me and I busted through the trap they laid


But they labeled me as trailer trash

I guess I wasn’t the first role that they cast

And there is one girl I gotta get past

Gonna smash her and then 


Finally, an opportunity 

To bust out of a trailer park life

Out of the blue with nothing to lose

An unexpected spark to ignite

Sitting there up in their rarified air

They can’t deny the skill I command

Into their world goes a trailer trash girl 

Tough luck, I’m gonna fuck up their plans


Get out of this trailer park

I had to shine a little light in the dark

And the freight train’s about to embark 

Goin’ far beyond this goddamn trailer park

No one’s gonnacall me trailer trash

Although I love me a good mustache

And that one girl I gotta get past – gonna smash her yeah!