Pipe Dream

No need to tell me ‘bout original sin

That’s when the first person lied

But now that serpent’s slithered out there again

Gillooly’s on Tonya’s side

A champion needs a companion

Stand on my shoulders and behold

We’ll stick the landing yeah

Cause Harding has an Olympic ring

And we won’t ever have to sweat the small things, no no


I’ve got a friend who knows a person or two

Noone will even know you’re involved

And then the damage that we won’t ever do 

Will leave our problem solved

Nancy won’t have a chance, see

A glancing blow will cut her flow

And we’ll be dancing yeah

A pipe dream will be a winning routine

You can’t go dig for gold and keep your hands clean, oh no


You wanna be a big shot, gotta go where eagles dare

I’ll help you climb the mountain into rarified air

It’s all on my election, turn my heart into Stone

They won’t make the connection, you don’t have to condone



I got a crowbar 

It’s not who we are


You’re setting such a low bar


Just wait in the car

Well if you say 

It’s the only way 

To be a big star . . .