Olympic Dream/Nightmare

It’s the story of opponents and some cronies in a moment fossilized

Not a story of atonement, never owned it now she’s only ostracized

And a favorite turned disabled almost made a fairy tale but got surprised

It’s the story of opponents, though the world has moved along we gotta revive


An Olympic dream for a real ice queen


Dreamin’ of the time I’ll spend across the finish line

When everyone will know me as the most sublime

Every twisted ankle, bruised and battered purple thigh

Will turn into perfection when I’m on the ice


On and on the training goes until I’m overseas

With everyone congratulating me

Through and through the pain endures, the glory’s there to seize

Will it be for me?


Woah. Yeah. I’m gonna barrel through the doorway

Whoa. Yeah. I’m gonna bring it home from Norway


Can you feel the pressure?

Cause you know it’s out there

Oh and it’s always coming 


An Olympic nightmare!!