Cut to the chase it was a good horse race

People come and go and they get replaced

You shocked the world, small miracle

But for a comeback kid no pot of gold


You rained and poured; crowd wanted more

Left everything on the floor

But you could not thwart Oksana!


It was a perfect storm; we all got us some

The nightly news beat a daily drum

The stage was set for a longshot bet

Then a longer shot rang across the net


She came in hot and blew up your spot

Almost like the judge was bought

And you could not stop Oksana!

Could not stop Oksana 

Fate does not love drama


In the end it’s fine; find the silver line

Silver’s classic cool, gold is past its prime

And to speak of which, your old nemesis

Fell through the ice into a deep abyss


She’s gone for good; fed to the dregs of Hollywood

We never really thought she could

Or that she would defeat Oksana! 

Could not stop Oksana 

Do you feel bad for Tonya?

Are you glad she’s a goner?


Saving up your grace to get your only chance

Laughing in the face of every sideways glance

Never second place you’re gonnajump the fence

Everything erased by simple happenstance

Random Russian medaling ruins your lifelong goal 

Everyone’s convinced that you just got the hose

Wondering ever since how things might have unfolded

If you weren’t a victim of a senseless blow

Hey it’s just your life, you only get one go

The truth you know

Even fairy trails grow cold