Big Night In The Limelight

Moments in the limelight can be few and far between

Most folks live their whole life in the shadows never seen

But that moment 

Can make you feel whole but can also destroy your soul


It’s your big night in the limelight

We hoped you’d have a fine night 

But the pressure had you wound tight

You spun out from all the spin

Well your axel wouldn’t spin tight

On your big night in the limelight

Was it laces or the faces?

Did the world begin to spin?


Don't waste your pity on me for sorry's what I never was

And now that they finally let me free I will try to forget the man I was

Remember me in reveries of comedy, Gillooly be a friend of yours!

Rake me through the red hot coals of history, I'll show you how a man ignores


It’s a lifetime in the limelight

Where a shocking lack of foresight

Led to misery in hindsight

Stood you up and did you in

When you’re living as a scandal

And your world becomes dismantled

Grab whatever has a handle

The world will always spin


Trailer park, they really hit the mark

I can’t escape the pull of the call

Up in flames, got so many to blame 

I gottaseek revenge on them all

But sitting here everything in the rear 

I dream about a way to let go

Away from you and what you dragged me through

At least you got a hell of a show


All my inner lies

Never could disguise

Magnified in the limelight

Banished to the woods

Dreams destroyed for good

Never could stand the limelight