Bad Guy

It’s not what you think

I didn’t plot my way to the rink

They all accuse me

Of taking poison fruit from the tree

But won’t you listen to my real story

I never achieved all my glory

What I’m left with is a life without meaning

They took that which kept my heart beating


And they think I’m the bad guy

Stealin’ the top of the bill 

A whole bunch of lies, it’s not a surprise 

They falsely accuse me

They think I’m the bad guy

Hammer my way to the Lille

I’m just some trash, a party to crash

They only abuse me

They think I’m the bad guy


Run far away, sail somewhere nice

You and I could conquer this life

If only things were fair

Slip underground, hide there for weeks

Fill the cracks and plug all the leaks 

I can’t escape the stares


They think I’m the bad guy

Plottin’ because I can’t win

Brought someone down to pilfer a crown

That never deserved me

They think I’m the bad guy

Keep me away from your kids

She can’t be okay, let’s throw her away

They laugh and pervert me

They think I’m the bad guy


Dreamin’ of the time I'll spend out of the harsh spotlight 

With no one there to tell me I did wrong or right

Dreamed I was the villain in some weird Olympic dream

Now I know that dreams are overrated things


What was the cost, a paradise lost?

You can’t discard what’s already tossed

With nothing left to lose

I gave it a try, well loosely defined

From one point of view I came from behind

I’m no longer confused



Well maybe I’m the bad guy

That I never wanted to be

I wasn’t too proud to roll with a crowd

That twisted and turned me

Hey I’m just a bad guy

Forever beyond your reprieve

If that’s what it is, suppose I can live

A lifetime of losing’s fair for such a bad guy